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In the digital age, we have more ways than ever to connect with people who share our values and ideals. Navigating change and banding together in the face of adversity is easier with allies. Staying informed during a process like looming redevelopment is key!

Christie Point Advocates recommends residents and neighbours like, follow, and post on a variety of Facebook pages, discussion boards and websites frequently.

By sharing news of redevelopment updates, we all stay informed and connected, and are better able to respond to news. We can network with allies who will support our efforts and concerns.

Here are our Top Ten Facebook Follows:

  1. You know you are from Victoria when…
  2. Vibrant Victoria
  3. Victoria Buzz
  4. CHEK News
  5. Goldstream Gazette
  6. Times Colonist
  7. Victoria News
  8. Citified Victoria
  9. CTV News
  10. Westshore Now

You can also subscribe to RSS Feeds on the Town of View Royal Council Meetings and Minutes page, and sign up for Google Alerts on search terms like Christie Point, Realstar, View Royal Redevelopment, etc. These get delivered to your inbox so you stay informed in real time.

Most importantly, share our website – – and join our Facebook group – Christie Point Advocates.

Tell us your favourite news sites, Facebook groups and Twitter feeds.

– Christie Point Advocates

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