Christie Point Public Hearing

The Christie Point Public Hearing is this coming Tuesday, June 27th at 6:30 pm at the Songhees Wellness Centre1100 Admirals Road. We’re calling for a full house, and encouraging everyone affected by Realstar’s proposed redevelopment to please come out and voice their concerns. This is the last opportunity to speak up before Council makes a final decision on the rezoning application.

Everyone in attendance can speak twice, if they choose to – the first speech can be up to 5 minutes, and the second is up to 3 minutes. Christie Point Advocates have prepared a Letter Template that you can use while preparing your talk – please click here to download. It was created for Christie Point residents, in particular – but if you are a neighbour, or other concerned party, please feel free to use it as well, just make sure you insert your own street address. If you are not able to attend the hearing, or if you cannot speak for some reason, you can turn this statement into a letter to Council. If you are writing a letter, it needs to be dropped off at the View Royal Town Hall no later than 3:30 pm on Tuesday the 27th, or you can email it to them at

We are hoping for a flood of speakers and a flood of letters to Council, each expressing individual concerns regarding the project. View Royal Staff has put together a Christie Point Public Hearing info page, where you can learn more. Christie Point Advocates also encourage you to browse through our Considerations and Resource pages for more information.

How to conduct ourselves

Although emotions are running very high regarding this application, we need to abide by the rules when attending the hearing. Ignoring these rules can send out the wrong message and can, ultimately, be counter-productive. We must listen quietly as others are speaking, and we must not clap when they are finished. Instead, we are all encouraged to speak when it’s our turn, and to share our opinions at that time. Council is there to listen to us – this is the one meeting that is totally devoted to us, in that sense. And so it’s important for us to act on this opportunity, accordingly.

What is Council looking for? 

First of all, they don’t want a room full of spectators – they really want everyone to come to the microphone for their turn. They want to hear your views, even if you’re only able to say your name, address, and why your for/against the project. They’re also looking for your thoughtful evaluations of Realstar’s proposal after you’ve reviewed the documentation provided online. Does it make sense, and if not – Why?

Try to find something no one has said before. Ask questions that have not yet been asked. If you’re unable to do this, then simply express your opinion in your own unique way. We need to let Council know there’s a deeply human element to this situation, and their decision is going to make an indelible impact on our lives.

Share this update!

Please feel free to forward this message widely, to let your family, friends, and neighbours know about the upcoming hearing. Encourage everyone to attend. You can also join our Facebook Event and invite people that way.

Thanks so much for your interest and support. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Christie Point Public Hearing

  1. I understand the Christie Point property is within a federal bird sanctuary. I have not heard this aspect brought up in any conversation yet, but I would assume the height of the proposed buildings would have an impact on wind movement and flight access for the birds and would require an environmental impact review to establish how disruptive this development might be to the federally protected bird population.

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