CPA Public Statement

The Christie Point Advocates group respects the decision made by the Town of View Royal Council on July 4, 2017.

The last six months have seen extensive participation and input from the community at large on several key concerns regarding the proposed rezoning.  We thank the councillors and Mayor for their thoughtful deliberation over the information shared by the public throughout this process.

We have long held that when the proposed rezoning was approved we wanted tenants to have adequate protection and support – especially important given the circumstances of this involuntary move into the current rental climate in Victoria.

We came close to achieving this goal with the latest relocation package and the grandfathering in of rents for a small portion of units offered by Realstar the week prior to the Public Hearing.

However, this step forward ultimately falls short of tenants’ needs. Town Council, in supporting the rezoning, has supported a decision that now results in the majority of existing Christie Point tenants being displaced.

As such, we encourage Town Council to continue to pursue every means possible to ensure that all existing tenants who wish to remain at Christie Point, and in View Royal, can do so affordably.

Christie Point Advocates trust View Royal Town Council and staff to proceed responsibly and collaboratively during the remaining redevelopment process. We remain open to continuing to work with the Town of View Royal and Realstar as opportunities arise.

3 thoughts on “CPA Public Statement

  1. Realstar and View Royal collaboratively will create a very lucrative rental property that will return investments by Realstar shareholders. This property will likely be a prized money maker for decades to come. It is a shame that the financial picture outweighed the environment as likely the six story buildings will decimate the site in their creation.
    I feel bad for the tenants and also for the thousands of people living in the Greater Victoria District. View Royal will loose its beauty and tranquility as this project will overwhelm Portage Inlet.

    1. “the six story buildings will decimate the site in their creation” Why is this so apparent to everybody except the developers and 3 VR councillors?? Heidi & John were very clear that this is what is going to happen – please vote for them in the 2018 election – John for Mayor!!

  2. Everything remains to be seen!My hope is that the vulnerable in here are treated fairly , and with utmost respect! May they always have a voice to speak for them!

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