We are residents and neighbours working together
for a responsible and inclusive redevelopment of Christie Point

Christie Point Advocates began with a core group of six residents, each with varying skills and backgrounds, who came together with a singular purpose – to call for a responsible and inclusive redevelopment of Christie Point. We agreed that when any form of development plan is proposed, it is crucial for all points to be considered and all voices to be heard before any major decisions are made. Each of us is dedicated to researching these points, sharing what we find, and seeking public opinion.

Good Morning Christie Point

From our initial meeting, it became apparent that a central online hub would be needed to help raise awareness regarding Realstar’s plan and the potential effects it will have on residents, neighbours, and the environment surrounding Christie Point. This hub would offer further resources to anyone wanting to learn more as well as an opportunity to join our social networks and mailing list. It would be a place for people to express their opinions via a survey (now closed) as well as sign a petition. Finally, it would even offer a place for “Christie Point Stories”, a blog for those wanting to share personal experiences, photos, and videos of this very special area.

We needed a place for our community to gather, and that’s how our website was born.

Resident Mute Swans at Christie Point

Although we’ve started with a core group of six, we represent Christie Point residents and neighbours who seek a viable dialogue with Realstar and the View Royal Town Council – one that will genuinely address the considerations at hand – so that Christie Point residents, the immediate environment, and the surrounding neighbourhood are properly protected throughout the redevelopment process.