For Immediate Release

Contact: Christie Point Advocates
Date: January 16th, 2017

Christie Point Advocates Launch Website

View Royal, BC — Christie Point Advocates, a working group calling for a responsible and inclusive redevelopment of Christie Point, announce the launch of their new website: The website is an online community resource which also includes a survey and a petition.

Christie Point is a 161-unit, 2-storey apartment rental complex located in View Royal, BC. Toronto-based owner, Realstar Management, has submitted a rezoning application to the Town of View Royal. Realstar intends to redevelop the complex into 473 units, with buildings ranging from 4-6 storeys. Christie Point Advocates are concerned about displacement, affordability, and increased traffic to the area, amongst other topics.

Christie Point Advocates “seek a viable dialogue with Realstar and the View Royal Town Council – one that will genuinely address the considerations at hand – so that residents, the immediate environment, and the surrounding neighbourhood are properly protected throughout the redevelopment process.”

Christie Point Advocates are also encouraging View Royal residents to attend the View Royal Town Council meeting on Tuesday, January 17th at 7 pm, where they will be speaking about Realstar’s plan and their concerns regarding the project.

Urgent Request for Attendance

Christie Point Advocates is pleased to share that View Royal Town Council has accepted our request to speak to them about Realstar’s proposed rezoning and redevelopment plans.

We will appear before Council and Mayor Screech on Tuesday January 17th at 7 pm at the View Royal Town Hall.

This is an important meeting. It is strongly encouraged that all Christie Point and Portage Inlet residents attend. Please arrive early.

There are 3 reasons you need to be there:

1. A big crowd shows Council the issue matters to the community
2. To speak to Council directly about your concerns
3. Realstar is not on the agenda: WE are.

Many of us have not attended a Council meeting before. Don’t let that stop you. If you don’t want to talk, that’s fine…but you are needed there as a show of support.

We can give you tips on how to best phrase your concerns if you aren’t sure what to say. Please email if you need help.

How does the meeting work?

Anyone can comment during Public Participation Period. This happens right after our presentation at 7 pm:

1. Announce your name and address
2. Share your thoughts
3. Keep it short. You may want to tell everyone everything you think about the project. To be honest – that isn’t helpful during this meeting.

Here are some tips to make sure Council and Mayor Screech listen to you:


1. Pick one issue that matters to you
2. Get to the point: people will tune out if you rant
3. Ask a specific question: council can try to get an answer from Realstar
4. Don’t repeat the same points as everyone else: if someone made a really great comment and stole your thunder, just say you agree with that person and comment on something else you care about
5. Be respectful: Mayor Screech and the Councillors are ordinary people who live in this community and are just doing their job
6. Know your stuff: read Realstar’s plans or at least the one issue you care about; review our Considerations page, or check out some coverage on our Resources page


Here’s an example of what you might say:

My name is Jane Smith. I live at 123 Craigowan Road. I’m a resident of Christie Point and am concerned about emergency access to our complex if the zoning is changed to allow 6 storeys and 473 units. That’s a lot more people to serve and still only one road in. 
How will a fire truck with the right-sized ladder for a high-rise be able to get into the complex through our narrow entryway? How long will it take them to get to the far end of the complex? 
I would appreciate it if Council would consider these questions when reviewing Realstar’s application and plans.

Thank you for your time.

What now?

1. Share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter – use #protectChristiePoint
2. RSVP to our Facebook group event
3. Invite everyone you know
4. Offer to drive a neighbour
5. Write one thing you would say to Council
6. Write one question you have for Council
7. Arrive early!

This is your community. Your opinion and participation matter!

We can help arrange carpools if you need a ride. Please email if you need any help.

See you there!

Get Connected!

In the digital age, we have more ways than ever to connect with people who share our values and ideals. Navigating change and banding together in the face of adversity is easier with allies. Staying informed during a process like looming redevelopment is key!

Christie Point Advocates recommends residents and neighbours like, follow, and post on a variety of Facebook pages, discussion boards and websites frequently.

By sharing news of redevelopment updates, we all stay informed and connected, and are better able to respond to news. We can network with allies who will support our efforts and concerns.

Here are our Top Ten Facebook Follows:

  1. You know you are from Victoria when…
  2. Vibrant Victoria
  3. Victoria Buzz
  4. CHEK News
  5. Goldstream Gazette
  6. Times Colonist
  7. Victoria News
  8. Citified Victoria
  9. CTV News
  10. Westshore Now

You can also subscribe to RSS Feeds on the Town of View Royal Council Meetings and Minutes page, and sign up for Google Alerts on search terms like Christie Point, Realstar, View Royal Redevelopment, etc. These get delivered to your inbox so you stay informed in real time.

Most importantly, share our website – – and join our Facebook group – Christie Point Advocates.

Tell us your favourite news sites, Facebook groups and Twitter feeds.

– Christie Point Advocates

A Happy Ending

Randy is a Christie Point resident who found a small bird lying in the middle of Craigowan Road yesterday, at the entrance of the property. It appeared to have been hit by a car. He picked it up, but it wasn’t moving. The weather has been cold these past few days in Victoria and he feared it might have frozen to death. He tried to warm it in his hands as he walked up Shoreline and stopped at a neighbour’s house to see if they could help. As they stood outside talking, the little bird blinked and its tail shot up – a good sign!

Within moments, it was ready to fly a short distance away. It made a few other stops, then it flew off for good – a happy ending!  This is how much our neighbours care about the wildlife at Christie Point and how it might be affected by more traffic in the area. We thank Randy for taking care of this little guy.