A Happy Ending

Randy is a Christie Point resident who found a small bird lying in the middle of Craigowan Road yesterday, at the entrance of the property. It appeared to have been hit by a car. He picked it up, but it wasn’t moving. The weather has been cold these past few days in Victoria and he feared it might have frozen to death. He tried to warm it in his hands as he walked up Shoreline and stopped at a neighbour’s house to see if they could help. As they stood outside talking, the little bird blinked and its tail shot up – a good sign!

Within moments, it was ready to fly a short distance away. It made a few other stops, then it flew off for good – a happy ending!  This is how much our neighbours care about the wildlife at Christie Point and how it might be affected by more traffic in the area. We thank Randy for taking care of this little guy.